What Are Peptides and How Do They Work


uk peptides are short strings of amino acids that, under the right conditions, create proteins in your body. These molecules are essential to our cellular health and provide an array of anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits. Peptides are also known to improve muscle mass, burn fat and assist with weight loss, as well as improving autoimmune disorders such as arthritis and chronic infections like rheumatoid arthritis.

In skincare, peptides act as mini messengers and are applied topically to the skin to signal certain cells within the epidermis to do’something’. This something could be anything from encouraging your body to boost collagen, reducing inflammation and hydrating the skin. The specific peptide action depends on what order the amino acids are in, and it is this that differentiates peptides from one another.

As peptides are so small, they can be delivered to all layers of the skin, including the deeper dermis. This allows them to target areas of the skin that are damaged, irritated or showing signs of ageing. They can also work alongside other key skincare ingredients, such as retinoids or antioxidants to enhance and maximise results.

Here at No7, we use a blend of peptides that includes Matrixyl 3000 Plus, our most powerful anti-wrinkle peptide. It boosts collagen and fibrillin to help smooth out wrinkles, supporting the skin’s natural springs that can break down over time. This is complemented by drone-targeted copper peptides to help firm and plump the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration.

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