What Does a Brand Design Firm Do?


A brand design firm focuses on developing a company’s visual identity. This includes the logo design, fonts, icons, colors, and illustrations that help customers recognize a brand. Having a memorable, instantly recognizable design is essential to creating an emotional attachment to a brand. It also helps establish a clear distinction between a company and its competitors in the marketplace.

Great brand design starts with a deep understanding of the client’s goals and personality. This may include asking them what kind of image they want to project, or what kinds of emotions they hope their brand will evoke. It may also involve determining what kind of visual style they want to convey, like whether they want a clean and simple approach or something more stylized and artistic.

While a well-designed brand can make your company stand out, it can also be time-consuming to create. Brand design agencies can help streamline the process and ensure that the finished product is consistent, recognizable, and appropriate to your company’s goals.

Getting all the pieces to fit together can be complicated, especially when you have multiple designers involved. A good brand design firm will use a collaborative proofing tool that makes it easy for everyone to provide feedback and make changes. Ziflow lets you add comments and markup to designs and track approval decisions so you can cut down on back-and-forth emailing and send new versions more quickly. It’s also a handy way to organize and share finalized design assets for ongoing maintenance. brand design firm

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