What Does a Sex Addiction Therapist Do?


A sex addiction therapist is an expert in helping people overcome a sexual disorder that can lead to unhealthy relationships, relationship problems and unplanned pregnancies. Sexual addiction therapy typically focuses on identifying the underlying disturbances that cause a person to act out sexually, and then teaching the patient to replace them with healthier coping mechanisms.

Some of the most common treatments for sex addiction include psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and relapse-prevention therapy. Psychodynamic therapy is often used to address underlying issues, such as childhood trauma or abuse. This approach can help a person understand that their sex addiction is a result of the emotional pain and lack of self-worth they feel. CBT, on the other hand, can teach a person to identify their sexual triggers and learn how to control them in more productive ways.

Behavioral therapy for sex addiction can also involve journaling, in which the client keeps track of their urges, what situations and emotions prompt them to act out, and their attempts to resist those urges. This can be a powerful tool in sex addiction treatment, and it also allows the therapist to monitor a patient’s progress over time.

While some therapists disclose in their sessions some information about their own addiction history, this is usually discouraged, because it can be construed as a lack of trust. It can also lead to negative repercussions for the therapist, such as the victim of an affair seeking revenge by making public their personal information.

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