Wholesale Angel Figurines and Cherubim For Sale


Angels and cherubs are a symbol of spirituality. These beautiful figurines help to add a divine touch to your life and are the perfect gifts for inspiration and comfort. This collection includes a variety of unique hand-painted resin sculpted angel assortments with themes that include: guardian angel gifts, Christmas angel gifts and love angel gifts.

Angels & Cherubs

Cherubim and angels are both celestial creatures that are commonly referenced in the Bible. A cherub is an angelic creature of the lesser rank, with only four wings, while seraphim is the higher rank, having six wings. According to the Bible, cherubim are most often stationed at the entrance of Eden, where they guard the way to the tree of life (Genesis 3:24). Lucifer was a cherub before his fall.

Both cherubs and angels symbolize innocence and grace, making them popular symbols in religious art. Their presence is believed to bring serenity and heavenly harmony to any space they inhabit. They are also known as guardians, and they are frequently depicted in religious art guarding sacred spaces or protecting important objects.

In artistic representations, cherubs are usually depicted as young, childlike figures with angel wings. They may be mischievous or playful, but they always evoke a sense of pureness and beauty. These artistic portrayals are a far cry from the Biblical depictions of cherubim, which are multi-winged creatures with fierce protective powers.

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Angels & Gemstones

We have a variety of angel figurines that come with gemstones. They can be used as a way to unlock and connect with the angel realm. They can also help people embody angelic attributes that will bring positivity to their lives and those around them. Some of the common crystals that are added to these figurines are rose quartz, lapis lazuli and moss agate. These stones are known to promote love, forgiveness and compassion among others.

Other popular types of gemstones that are often used on these angel figurines include amethyst, agate and tiger eye. These stones are said to provide a wide range of benefits such as increased self-esteem, emotional balance, clarity and a feeling of being grounded.

In addition to these stone angels, we also have some that come with an oracle card. These cards are authored by Margaret Ann Lembo and can help people get a better understanding of the specific gemstone that is attached to each angel.

This oracle deck consists of 44 cards and can be used by anyone who wants to make changes in their life. Each card offers insights from the angel and the specific gemstone that is connected with it. For example, if an oracle card features an opal angel that is associated with tiger eye, the person can receive guidance to be more courageous and able to take risks in their life.

Angels & Peace

Adding an angel to your garden is a beautiful way to connect with the divine. Our wholesale garden angels come with a variety of messages that promote love, compassion and faith. You can choose from angels with wings that flap to signify movement; angels that hold hearts to show love; or angels with a message of hope or peace. These angel yard decorations make great gifts for the gardeners in your life or a lovely addition to any home decor.

Many of our wholesale angel figurines communicate sentiments that are difficult to express in words. These comforting gestures of healing, encouragement and remembrance have always been the backbone of the Willow Tree brand. Pieces like Angel of Prayer, a tree and a prayer, and Angel of Healing are timeless in their appeal. Seated angels that convey the easy presence of two people who have shared life’s ups and downs and continue to support each other through all things are another popular choice.

Retailers who merchandise these angels with other items such as the popular Willow Tree Nativity typically see incremental sales of both figures and accessories. For example, seated angels with their hands held up in prayer can be displayed together with the Angel Stand and Classic Nativity pieces such as Ox and Goat, Shepherd and Sheep, Zampognaro and Peace on Earth.

Angels & Love

We are proud to carry many styles of angels and cherubs for sale wholesale to gift shops and other retailers. Whether you are looking for religious gifts, or simply angel figurines to enhance your home decor, our selection has something for everyone. We are happy to provide the best in quality and price for your customers!

Objection 1. It would seem that there is no natural love in an angel. For love results from knowledge; and an angel knows himself by his essence, while he knows another by his similitude: and therefore the one does not love the other with natural love as he loves himself.

In the angels’ love for God, there is both a natural love and a love of choice. The love of choice is a moral precept, because it is an act of charity, by which the angel seeks the Divine good for God rather than the good of himself. But the love of natural love is not a moral precept, because the angel loves himself in so far as he seeks his own preservation by nature, and not for the sake of something else, as it is by nature that the angel loves himself.

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