Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?


Your electrical panel is the gateway to your home’s electricity, connecting it to every light switch and outlet in your house. It distributes the power from your utility company and ensures that all circuits shut off safely if they are overloaded. As technology advances, our electricity needs increase, and it’s important to upgrade your electrical panel to keep up with demand.

If your electrical panel is aging, you may need an electrical panel upgrade to handle increased load capacity or modern energy-efficient appliances, smart tech and equipment. A faulty or outdated electrical system could put your family and property at risk.

When a breaker trips, it is often an indication that your electrical system cannot handle the simultaneous demands of multiple appliances and devices. An electrical panel upgrade will help you avoid the inconvenience of resetting and reconnecting your electronics, as well as the safety risks of overloading your system.

The fuses in older electrical panels are subject to wear and tear over time, making them less efficient than modern circuit breakers. They also require regular replacement, which is a dangerous and time-consuming task. Modern electrical panels utilize circuit breakers, which are more efficient, safer and provide a greater range of features, such as a built-in fuse receptacle that allows you to easily reset your breaker after an outage.

In addition to reducing your electricity bill, an electrical panel upgrade can save you money on repair and replacement costs. An outdated breaker box is more likely to overheat and burn out, which can lead to expensive repairs. A new breaker box will also protect your valuable appliances and electronics from damage caused by an outage or overload.

A general rule of thumb is that your electrical panel should be replaced every 25 to 40 years, or about the time you start thinking about replacing your appliances and installing new smart home tech. If you’re considering adding an at-home electric vehicle charging station, a new garage heater or an electric solar system, it’s crucial that your electrical panel has the ability to meet these additional demands.

An electrician can help you determine the load capacity of your current electrical panel and recommend an appropriate upgrade. They can also work with your utility company to help you determine if any upgrades to the utility equipment (service conductor and transformer) are required to accommodate the additional load. An electrician can also answer your questions about the process and obtain any required permits. They can also bundle your panel upgrade with other electrical work, such as wiring or adding outlets, to reduce installation costs. Investing in an electrical panel upgrade now will make your home more energy-efficient and safer, as well as add to its value if you decide to sell it in the future. Contact the expert electricians at Tungsten Electric to get started. We’ll send one of our licensed professionals to your home or business to complete the job efficiently and accurately.

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