Why Use Manufactured Stone in a Bathroom?


The bathroom is one area of the home where durability and moisture-proof building materials are a must. It is now possible to have great looking marble and other types of stone that give your bathroom a natural feeling without having to re mortgage your home. Manufactured stone or cultured stone products, designed for the bath, are a practical way to have a unique, quality built room without spending a lot of money.

Shower panels and shower bases are typical ways that stone designs can be integrated into a bathroom, offering different options for style. Vanity tops with a one-in-a-kind design can really set off a room. Cultural marble is a favorite with decorative swirls that catch the light in a fascinating way and no two pieces alike, just like real marble. Marble is not the only option available in manufactured stone. Granite, cultured onyx, trust one and piedrafina are other ways of making your bathroom space attractive and very durable.

There is nothing synthetic or plastic about cultural stone that uses a base of stone dust in production. Liquid polyester resin is added to hold a rock solid form that is versatile and easy to work with. A non-porous, stain-resistant coating is added to protect the surface from chemicals in products like hairspray or simple water spots. This feature in itself is far better than natural stone that is porous and stains easily. It is impossible to keep stains from porous materials and the bathroom is the one place where actual marble could end up being a disaster.

Many companies that work with manufactured stone also have molds to shape walls, shower floors, vanity tops and bathtubs. What could be easier than having a custom made marble piece that is made to fit. If you thought there was no choice in building materials except expensive and cheap, you haven’t seen the manufactured stone that is technically advanced. When planning to update a bathroom, visit some sites that offer the newest in cultured stone. The difference in this product and a basic molded vinyl replacement tub kit will immediately be noticed. No tears in the fabric or chipping will be found as you enjoy your new bathroom years down the road.

Be sure to buy from a reputable company that offers a substantial warranty on the product and ask to see a specification sheet for the details of the materials and chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Manufactured stone is a very durable and versatile type of material but with anything, there will be companies that may misrepresent the product. Also look for 100% silicone in the list that acts as a barrier against mold and mildew. With the technical advances made in utilizing stone and the vast improvement of sealants and plastics, you can have a beautiful bathroom that closely resembles the real thing and costs much less. China Adhesive Manufacturers

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