You Are Missing All the Fun If You Ain’t Clay Pigeon Shooting in the UK


Clay pigeon shooting, also known as clay target shooting, and formally known as Inanimate Bird Shooting, is the art of shooting at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun or any type of firearm. The terminology relates back to older times when live-pigeon competitions were held. Like before, a target is still called a ‘target’ or ‘bird’, a hit is referred to as a ‘hit’ or ‘kill’, a missed target might be described as a ‘bird away’ and the machine which projects the targets is known as a ‘trap’.

There are at least twenty different forms of regulated competition called disciplines, although most can be grouped under the main headings of trap, skeet, and sporting. Trap shooting comprises of targets thrown from one or more traps at fifteen meters in front of the shooter at varying speeds, angles and elevations. Skeet shooting originates from Scandinavia where targets are thrown in singles and doubles from two trap houses situated some forty meters apart, at opposite ends of a semicircular arc on which there are seven shooting positions. The targets are thrown at set trajectories and speeds. Unlike other disciplines which only use standard targets, in Sporting almost anything goes. Targets are thrown in a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and distances.

Clay pigeon shooting UK should definitely be the preferred choice to get a real flavour of this adventure, UK being the land where it all originated. There are lots of clay pigeon shooting clubs catering to the thirst of individuals and groups who love this sport. Some notable ones include:


  1. Clay Pigeon Shooting Hertford in Hertfordshire – A massive 15 acre site which is home to some of the most entertaining double barrelled action out there. The shooting range is competition standard so you can have a top class shooting experience courtesy of top of the range equipment.
  2. Clay Pigeon Shooting Dartford in Kent – This shooting school that has put itself in the running for the 2012 Olympics Shooting Events and offers a first class shooting experience at its excellent site on the Joyce Green Marshes.
  3. Clay Pigeon Shooting Sidlow in Surrey – Here the experts, who are qualified through the governing body of clay shooting, will give all the safety information one needs. Then they will provide a full gun mounting tuition. Then one can head off to the woods for some serious clay pigeon shooting.


If you are a beginner and not very confident, an alternate variety called Laser clay pigeon shooting is also available where the shotguns are disabled and fitted with laser equipment that can detect hits on specially modified reflective clays.

This unique sport relives hunting moments in a much safer and humane way compared to older times when people used to play around with live pigeons. Once you get into the act, it’s simply (fun)tastic.. shooting Budapest

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