Zip HydroTap – The Ultimate Water Filtering System


The Zip HydroTap range includes a variety of styles to suit your kitchen. You can choose from timeless standard finishes such as chrome, matte black, brushed gold or brushed rose gold. There is even the option to install a stylish drain font for standalone installation away from your sink or island bench.

Zip’s underbench filtered boiling water systems dispense instant hot and chilled filtered drinking water with the push of a button. They are a great alternative to the traditional electric kettle or the energy guzzling fridge water dispenser. The HydroTap is also a great way to reduce plastic waste and the cost of buying bottles from the supermarket.

Unlike many other instant boiling systems on the market, Zip uses only a small amount of water to heat your water – which is why they have such an incredibly low energy consumption. This along with their patented power-saving technology and advanced water circulation, helps to keep the power bills low and your kitchen cool.

The Zip G4 is the ultimate worktop gadget, offering filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water. Its stylish touch-button tap and Command Centre boiler make it a dream to use, while its powerful performance and economical operating costs have made it the benchmark for home boiling water.

Using the latest filtration technologies, Zip’s 0.2 micron size 1 filter reduces chlorine taste and odour as well as reducing bacteria, sediment and removing the cysts Cryptosporidium and Giardia from your water. This makes your water healthier, tastier and safer to drink.

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