Button Head Bolt – The Basics


Button Head Bolt: The Basics
Button socket cap screws, also known as hex bolts, feature a rounded head with a recessed counter bore for wrenches and other tools to use when tightening or loosening them. They offer more torque resistance than other screws with a circular head, making them a good choice for applications that require extra clamping force or heavy-duty work with thick materials like steel alloys.

The button head socket cap screw’s large load-bearing surface helps resist looseness, while its low profile head offers a visually aesthetic look. This type of screw can be used for light fastening jobs in areas with little overhead clearance, as well as to create compartments that can be accessed from the bottom.

These screw fasteners are available in a variety of threading options and finishes to suit your specific application requirements. The most common type is a standard socket head, but other types include pan head and button flange head caps. Button hex head caps are also available, and they are ideal for use in environments that are susceptible to corrosion, or where the screw may be exposed to harsh chemicals or other substances.

Button Head Socket Cap Screws can be used for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. From automotive repair and maintenance tasks to furniture assembly, these durable bolts are a great choice for projects that require strong hardware solutions that won’t break down under pressure or stress. The hex drive and tamper-resistant design of these screws make them difficult to remove without the right tool, so they are an excellent choice for projects that need extra security. Button Head Bolt

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