Choosing the Right Portable Fire Fighting Pump


The fire fighting pump is a vital part of a fire department’s equipment, providing water flow and pressure for sprinkler systems and standpipes. Choosing the right portable fire fighting pump depends on several factors, including building requirements and code compliance standards, as well as water supply availability. Fire pumps differ from standard water pumps in that they are specifically designed for firefighting applications, and must be tested and maintained to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

A fire fighting pump has a specialized design, allowing it to handle high-pressure water flows and deliver them at consistent rates. They are usually built with a backup power source, such as a diesel engine, in order to ensure consistent operation during emergencies. In addition, they are typically equipped with a special mechanical seal that is self-adjusting and self-lubricating. NFPA regulations require fire pumps to be tested and maintained every six months.

Portable fire fighting pumps are capable of delivering both high pressure and high volume of water. They are designed for quick, easy setup and are often used by firefighters to provide emergency water supplies when their fire trucks are unable to reach a fire. They are usually lightweight, and may have carrying handles or carry straps. In some cases, they are even small enough to fit inside a fire truck’s toolbox, allowing them to be used in areas that fire trucks cannot reach.

Angus Fire’s range of portable fire fighting pumps are powered by either petrol or diesel engines and are built using the latest advances in air-cooled engine, pump, and material technology. They are able to achieve high pressure and water capacity, whilst meeting world wide regulations governing exhaust emissions and noise levels.

Our standard fire pumps are available in a range of pressure and volume combinations to meet industry application needs. They are built with a vertical turbine pump which allows them to take water under a lift condition from below grade tanks and rivers, or with negative suction pressure from a tank. These pumps are also capable of being used with raw water sources such as ponds and lakes. They are easy to maintain with simple split-case access and can be run on electric or diesel drivers.

Alternatively, our portable fire fighting pumps are built with an end suction pump which is capable of taking water under a positive suction pressure or with lift from a container. These pumps are more commonly used in a pump room, as they offer the best balance of reliability and ease of maintenance. They are capable of being run on electric or diesel drivers and can be paired with a variety of different drivers.

Choose the fire fighting pump that is right for your property by filtering through Feld Fire’s selection by brand, price, size, type, flow-rate, and pressure. Our large selection means that we are sure to have the fire fighting pump that is right for your specific requirements. If you are not sure which portable fire fighting pump is best for your property, contact us to discuss your requirements with our expert team today.

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