Clutch and Hobo Diaper Bags – Organize Your Baby’s Things


Clutch and Hobo diaper bags may be paired with each other even if they are sold and bought separately. Not all hobo diaper bags are equipped with a zippered pouch for Mom’s necessities or for organizing baby’s things inside it. Also, all clutch baby bags may be bought individually. Even if they have matching diaper bags, most often than not, these clutch bags are excluded in buying a diaper bag. Now that fashion has evolved and has become very versatile, you can experiment in matching and pairing your hobo baby bags with clutch baby bags. Below are some examples of hobo that will look great with a clutch.

Cocoa Giraffe Print Classic Hobo Bag by OiOi and Leopard Fuschia Quick Change Kit by Kalencom

The two share a common print. Both are made in animal prints. The hobo bag uses giraffe prints, while the clutch bag has a leopard print. Their colors are even matching. The color brown and white perfectly suits with the color pink and black. Those colors delicately blend with each other. And having the two together brings you the best of both worlds. Animal prints bring out the wild side of a person. Some may say that using animal prints signifies sophistication and elegance because of the rarity of these prints and the irregularity of shapes.

Chocolate Jacquard Sweet Pea by Amy Michelle and Disco Dots Cocoa Quick Change Kit by Kalencom

Chocolate Jacquard Sweet Pea exudes formality and sophistication. Its print is very chic as well. It goes away from the usual look of a diaper bag. Plus, unlike any other hobo, this is quite of medium size but still with enough space inside. This is a good example of a baby bag that may be used as a bag at the office and a stylish bag for baby. The versatility of this bag is paired with the organizing ability of the clutch diaper bag by Kalencom. Its colorful round prints add more character to this diaper bag. It perfectly matches the hobo bag of Amy Michelle because it breaks the monotonous prints into something more fun and playful.

Geneviev II Satchel by Timi and Leslie – Silver and Leaf Fairfax Clutch by Reese Li

The mini-hobo bag, which is the Geneviev II Satchel, is made of very light materials such as nylon. The nylon is intricately woven in a stylish way. This satchel bag is quite small as compared to other hobo bags. Actually it somehow looks like a regular shoulder bag. The plain color and soft angles of this bag is better complemented by the Leaf Fairfax Clutch Bag. It is because the clutch baby bag adds color and shape to the bag. Both are great partners when it comes to minimal designs but with abundant ways for organizing. This pair suits Moms that are fans of simple yet functional bags. michael kors tote bag

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