Global Market For Water Soluble Film


The global market for water soluble film is growing at a high rate. The growth is mainly due to the increasing awareness about eco-friendly products. Moreover, the positive attitude of governments toward green procurement policies is also boosting the demand for water soluble films. The agrochemical industry is another major factor driving the growth of this market.

The main raw material for this film is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA or PVOH). This film has many advantages and it is a non-toxic biodegradable and environment friendly product. The film can be heat sealed and it has a good gas barrier property. Additionally, the film has an excellent water solubility and it dissolves quickly when exposed to water. This is a great advantage for specific unit dose packaging of detergents, cleaning products, dish washing tablets, pool products and dyes. The film can also be used for embroidery and laundry bags.

In the agrochemical industry, this film is widely used to package pesticides and crop protectants. These chemicals are highly toxic and can cause severe environmental pollution and endanger human health. Therefore, people are paying more attention to the material of agricultural packaging.

Advasol water soluble film is ideal for the packaging of chemicals for pools, spas and saunas. It is compatible with formulas containing chlorines, bromines and general cleaners. It can be used to pack a wide variety of chemicals for swimming pools, including algaecides, disinfectants and fungicides. It can also be used to package water treatment chemicals, agrochemicals and dyes. The film is also suitable for storing and packing seeds, soiled clothes, toilet blocks and fish bait. Moreover, this film is easily formed into multiple shapes by injection and thermoformorming equipment. water soluble film

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