How a Celebrity Bodyguard Keeps Stars and VIPs Safe


Celebrities and VIPs have a lot of different things to worry about, from crazed fans, stalkers and ex-partners, to paparazzi and haters. That’s why high profile stars and VIPs often hire bodyguards to ensure their safety. The average celebrity bodyguard makes between $150,000 and $200,000. While many are former law enforcement or military, a good celebrity bodyguard needs to have more than just brawn. They must also have specialized training in tactics to avoid or defeat threats.

Celebrity bodyguards must be able to adapt to each client’s needs and protect them in different situations, from the glitz of red carpet events to private moments with their family. This requires a unique combination of physical strength, mental fortitude and ability to handle escalating situations with composure.

Depending on the status of the celebrity, advance preparations must be made to familiarize protectors with all walking routes from their vehicle into a restaurant, event or performance facility. Sometimes steel barriers must be set up to corral fans and paparazzi, while other times it’s a matter of making sure the person isn’t surrounded by anyone not screened in advance.

The average net worth of a celebrity is a billion dollars, which means they can afford a few bodyguards to keep them safe. Kristen Stewart, who is only a billionaire by a few million dollars, still pays more than a hundred grand a year for her team of men and women. Her bodyguards are obscenely hot, which attracts thirsty headlines and social media posts, but they take their job seriously and know that the safety of their client is more than just their physical presence. Joseph Daher

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