The New National Health Insurance Phone Service


Unlike the traditional method of renewing NHIS membership which requires one to queue at the NHIS office, this new option allows individuals to use their mobile phones to pay for the insurance premium. The study sought to determine determinants of patronage of this service.

The results from the logistic regression model show that variables representing urban area, education – basic, secondary and tertiary and informal employment were significant predictors of an individual’s decision to pay NHIS premium with mobile money.

How to get a National Insurance number

Your ביטוח לאומי טלפון number is unique to you, and should never be used by anyone else. It is made up of two letters, six numbers and one letter (for example, QQ 123456 C). It is usually sent to you shortly before your 16th birthday, or when you start work. Your NI number keeps a record of the tax and National Insurance contributions you pay, which can then help you to get benefits or a state pension later in life.

If you don’t have a National Insurance number or can’t find yours, you can apply for one online. You’ll need to provide a valid email address and proof of identity. You can use your driving licence or passport to prove your identity. If you don’t have any of these, you can still apply but may need to go to an interview at your local Jobcentre Plus to prove your identity.

Once you have your NI number, make sure you keep it safe as it will be used for many different things throughout your life. You’ll need to quote it when you apply for jobs, give it to your doctor or school and put it on your bank statements and ISA account. You’ll also need it when you contact HMRC about taxes or benefits. You can check your NI number by logging into your Personal Tax Account or calling the NI helpline.

How to find your National Insurance number

A National Insurance number is a unique identifier that the UK government uses to track individual’s tax and National Insurance contributions. It is similar to a Social Security number in the United States. People can find their NI number on a variety of official documents, including payslips and P60s as well as letters from HMRC about taxes, pensions and benefits.

Generally, people will receive their NI number shortly before their 16th birthday. However, if you didn’t, or if you were born outside the UK, you can apply to have yours assigned to you. Having your NI number is vital, as it is used to record your contributions and is an important part of the UK’s social security system.

There are several ways to find your NI number, though some methods may be more time-consuming than others. You can check online through your Personal Tax Account or the HMRC app, which is available on iOS and Android. However, it’s worth noting that you may need to answer some questions or pay a fee in order to get access to this information.

Another option is to call the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) National Insurance number helpline. However, they will not provide your NI number over the phone, due to security reasons. They will instead arrange to have a letter posted to you, which can take up to 15 days to arrive.

How to contact HMRC about your National Insurance number

A National Insurance number is an individual’s unique taxpayer reference and can be used to identify them in HMRC records. It is typically found on payslips, P60 tax statements and letters about taxes, pensions and benefits. It is also a requirement to apply for certain benefits, such as child tax credits or a Concessionary Bus Pass.

When contacting HMRC about your National Insurance number, it is best to call their telephone helplines rather than trying to send them an email. While HMRC does offer an email contact form, it is not available to everyone and they can take a long time to reply. It can also be easy to make mistakes when writing an email and this could lead to you receiving incorrect information or being sent to the wrong department.

For most people, the best option is to call the phone helpline and speak directly to an advisor. If you do this, it is advisable to call when there is not much background noise as this will help to ensure that the speech recognition system can hear you. It is also advisable to speak clearly and at a steady natural pace. This will help the system to understand what you are saying and will prevent it from getting confused.

If you are a young person, it is important to apply for your National Insurance number as soon as possible. This will allow you to start earning NI contributions and will help to avoid any gaps in your record. HM Revenue and Customs will send you a letter with your NI number once you have proven your identity. HMRC will no longer send out a plastic NI card.

How to get a replacement National Insurance number

Your NI number is unique to you and it stays the same for your whole life. It helps HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) keep a record of your National Insurance contributions, which in turn can entitle you to certain benefits and a state pension later in life.

You might find your NI number on payslips, P60 tax forms or letters sent to you from HMRC about tax, pensions and benefits. You can also see it in your Personal Tax Account or the HMRC app. HMRC no longer issues plastic NI cards, but you can get a letter that shows your NI number by completing an online form on the HMRC website and waiting 15 days for it to arrive in the post.

If you are already working, your employer will need to know your NI number so they can collect the right amount of employee and employers National Insurance contributions and income tax from your wages. You might also need to give your NI number when applying for things like a driving licence, ISA savings account or student loan.

Your NI number is not proof of identity, but it can be useful for helping others to confirm that they are talking to you and not someone else. However, your NI number should not be used as evidence of your identity by anyone other than you, so it is important to keep it in a safe place.

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