The Resident Assistant Program at Reserve Residences


Reserve residences are a unique community experience that is designed to support first year students and provide them with the opportunity to build the foundation for their next four years at ASU. Our on-campus living is centered around residential colleges that place first year students next door to classmates who share their major and career interests. In addition, our staff are prepared to help you connect to the resources that will support your learning, personal development and overall success at ASU.

Residents on reserve have a variety of challenges to overcome, and our dedicated staff is committed to helping them meet these obstacles head on. This is reflected in the support that our team provides to our residents, whether through academic assistance, counseling, or social and emotional support.

The Residential Community Director is a full-time, master’s level professional staff member who oversees each residential community. They are responsible for guiding and directing all aspects of the resident experience including but not limited to: assisting residents, coordinating our experience model, and supervising Assistant Residential Community Directors and undergraduate student team members.

Resident Assistants are CWRU students that work in conjunction with our Residential Community Directors to help our residents thrive, learn and grow at CWRU. Like you, they are pursuing their own undergraduate degree and are committed to partnering with CWRU and the residential community to ensure that every student has an excellent student experience here on campus.

Your RA is your mentor and ally, as they work to guide you through your journey here at CWRU. Their role is to create an experience that is tailored to you, your goals and the path that you have chosen here at CWRU.

The Resident Assistant Program offers a number of opportunities to engage with and learn from our RAs, while providing students with an exceptional student experience here at CWRU. These programs include: a residential orientation session, community building events, a RA training event, and a community service project.

These programs are a great way to connect to the campus, make friends and get involved. We hope you will consider joining us for one or more of these activities.

Our RAs are available to discuss any of your concerns and offer support throughout your time on campus, from your first day of class to your last. Their role is to create an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and supportive.

A residential RA is also your point of contact for all of your questions about residence hall life and our policies. They will be happy to answer your questions, assist with reserving a space, and assist with any other housing-related issues that you may have.

The RAs are also your guides to the surrounding ASU community, including the many clubs and organizations on campus. They are committed to facilitating the experiences that will help you build a strong network and develop your leadership skills.

During your four years at ASU, you will be immersed in Sun Devil spirit and tradition. You will have the chance to participate in events and programs that are relevant to your major, career interests, and the ASU community.

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