The Amber Sea is the name of a layer of blue-green ground on the seabed along the coast of the Baltic Sea. This is the place where amber has been deposited millions of years ago by rivers and tides.

This blue ground is made up of a dense layer of resin that is hard and solidified by pressure. This process of hardening is called amberisation and takes place in the depths of the earth. It is a fossilized resin of pre-historic trees, whose ancestors used to live in the forests millions of years ago.

During this time, pine trees had a tendency to drip their resin on the ground and trap insects, small animals and particles of plants in it. These trapped creatures were later buried in the sediments and became amber, which has remained a treasure of mankind ever since.

It is possible to find traces of this ancient resin on the surface of the earth, but the main source of it is found below the ground. This material is called amber, and it can be found in many places on the planet, but it is most commonly found in the Scandinavian countries.

The oldest pieces of amber are known to have dated back to 50 million years ago. The fossilized resin of pines and conifers has also been discovered at older ages.

As it is a resin, amber has an amazing ability to trap things inside and keep them there for millions of years. This is a rare and unique property that only pre-historic tree resins possess, and it is why amber is often called “the stone of life”.

People have been wearing amber for centuries because of its ability to protect them from harm. It is also used to help prevent toothache and reduce the pain of teething.

Another important benefit of amber is that it can be burned as a smudge to cleanse negative energy and break enchantments. Some cultures even use it to burn during childbirth to help sterilize the air and disinfect the delivery area.

When it comes to healing, amber is especially useful for the stomach, spleen, kidneys and liver, as well as for the mucus membrane and joints. It can also be helpful for the throat to release toxins and relieve inflammation.

The most important ingredient in amber is succinic acid, which has been used by herbalists to cure a number of ailments. It has been known to be a powerful antiseptic, and can be effective in treating rheumatism, arthritis, and inflammatory skin conditions like eczema.

Moreover, amber is also beneficial for the nervous system. It can be a strong support during depression and anxiety, and will provide a sense of peace and calm.

It can also be used to strengthen the immune system, helping fight off illness. It can be particularly useful for the elderly to strengthen their bodies and help them recover from injury or disease.

In order to obtain this beautiful amber, it has to be mined out of the ground. Generally, it is done in open-cast mines.

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