Dad jokes are a special kind of cringe comedy. Despite their cheesiness, they have a place in our hearts and our mouths. Dads have a way of making us laugh with their wholesome humor and egregious puns, but what exactly makes a dad joke?

When a joke becomes a dad joke, it’s usually because it’s corny and formulaic. It can be a one-liner or a question and answer joke, but it always includes a pun and wordplay.

What sets dad jokes apart from regular puns is that they’re often inappropriate or offensive, and they don’t follow the grammatical rules of proper sentence structure. They also violate a social norm, and many of them are about a sensitive topic.

While we often groan at the thought of hearing a dad joke, they might actually do our children some good. Research suggests that teasing and rough-and-tumble play with their fathers can help kids learn to be less self-conscious and more open to being embarrassed.

Plus, laughing at these cheesy jokes helps your body release chemicals that make you feel happy and decrease pain, so they’re really not as bad as they seem. Whether you’re laughing with your kids or their friends, don’t let the groans and eye rolls stop you–it’s a great way to build a healthy sense of humor in everyone. Just remember to use these dad jokes sparingly, and don’t make fun of people who don’t get them. Because, as anyone who’s been the victim of a bad dad joke knows, it can hurt. bad dad jokes

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