Buying a Property in Christchurch After the Earthquake


People who hadn’t heard from loved ones sought them out on social media, rang the hospital and 111, or posted messages on the Christchurch Earthquake People Finder. Many of these searches were successful.

property video Christchurch developer Matthew Horncastle reckons that demand for townhouses will be sustained, despite the market over-supply and investors pulling out. His company, Williams Corporation, is one of the country’s busiest builders.

Brooksfield properties are unique

Brooksfield is one of the world’s leading alternative asset managers. Its portfolio of high-quality office, retail, logistics, multifamily and hospitality properties are located around the globe. From New York to Calgary, the company’s distinctive assets define the skylines of dynamic cities.

Brookfield’s townhouse developments stand out from other Christchurch developments with a unique architectural design. They also have a different floor plan to most other developers in the city. Unlike most Christchurch properties, which have an open-plan kitchen, dining and lounge space, the Brooksfield townhouses feature separate spaces. This is a feature typically found in English houses and provides the occupants with a more functional living space.

Often, their designs are influenced by other cities such as London or New York. This is reflected in their weatherboard facades and heritage features. These designs are popular with a lot of Christchurch residents. However, some people are concerned that the density of these developments may cause social problems.

Despite this, the directors of Brooksfield say they are happy with the response from locals to their new townhouse developments. The company has gained a reputation for its designs and aims to continue building these properties in the future. They believe that this is the right way to address the issue of urban densification in Christchurch. They are confident that their development will be a good fit for owner-occupiers and will help create a better city.

They are a good fit for owner-occupiers

Brooksfield properties are a good fit for owner-occupiers because they are stylish, modern, and affordable. They are also well-located and offer great access to the city centre. In addition, they have a number of amenities and are suitable for families. They are popular with people who want to live near their workplaces or school.

Brookfield is a Christchurch-based property developer that specializes in townhouses. Its founders, Vincent Holloway and Oliver Hickman, started their business by repairing and selling quake-damaged homes before moving into new development. They have since grown their company to include 500 homes completed or under construction. Their homes are a mix of modern and heritage style.

They are offering to pay the mortgage of anyone who moves to Christchurch to buy one of their townhouses by the end of October. It’s a unique way to attract buyers and counteract the cooling market.

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