Good Night Quotes – Inspirational Messages For Sleepy People


Across ages and cultures, the universal whisper of “good night” binds us in our shared hope for peaceful rest and bright dreams to greet tomorrow. From storytelling traditions where tales end with characters sleeping soundly to parents tucking their children into bed, these good night quotes offer an opportunity to take the time to focus on those we love and care about – to wish them a restful sleep and all the best until morning.

The best way to show someone you care about them is by letting them know that they’re in your thoughts throughout the day and in the hours leading up to sleep. A goodnight quote is a simple but heartfelt way to do just that, and this article contains a variety of inspiring quotes for every occasion. There are also funny and cheeky quotes for those with a lighter touch, and friendly and romantic sayings for those in long-distance relationships.

Good Night Quotes: Inspirational Messages for Sleepy People
As you settle into your bed for the night, these words of wisdom from inspirational writers and spiritual leaders will envelop you in tranquility. Whether you draw comfort from Twilight’s Stephanie Mayer’s take on the dark night sky or close each day as Ralph Waldo Emerson did, these good night quotes will help you to let go of unresolved issues and set your sights on a better tomorrow. As you dream, remember that the universe is conspiring to bring you everything you want.

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