LMPD Investigates Churchill Shooting


Police respond to a shooting near Churchill Downs Saturday morning. The victim is taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A photo of Churchill in a pinstripe suit chomping on a cigar and holding the British version of America’s signature submachine gun, the Thompson, made him famous around the world as a man who loved his weapons and was unafraid to use them. But he was no gangster; historians say Churchill used the weapon with great skill to save his life and that of others when necessary.

Churchill hailed from a long line of landowners and shooters. He was a proponent of instinctive wingshooting for game birds and sporting clays and wrote the definitive book on the subject. First published in 1949, Churchill’s “Game Shooting” became a classic and is still widely referenced today. In fact, it was recently revised and updated by Macdonald Hastings, a renowned shooting coach.

As Don explains in this excerpt, Churchill’s method is simple and natural. There’s no need to compute muzzle movement or forward allowance and the technique is based on the human eye’s ability to point. By correctly mounting the gun and aligning the rib of the barrels with the eye (with a finger extended from the stock) the shooter can instinctively “over throw” the target a little, compensating for flight time and achieving the lead.

This method of pointing and firing a shot, known as Churchill-style or Churchill technique, was largely developed on the grouse moors and estate shoots of England where Churchill learned to shoot at an early age. He believed this to be the best way to shoot a pheasant, woodcock or rabbit in a field or woodland.

As well as being a highly effective form of game shooting, Churchill’s methods also help with the accuracy of target practice. His advice on gripping and sighting is sound, but most important of all, his emphasis on economy of movement and the use of the body’s natural weight are timeless.

LMPD is investigating a shooting near Churchill Downs on Friday morning. A man was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No arrests have been made. Churchill shooting

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